Collective residencies / Touched nerves: on feelings in contemporary Catalan culture / Olot


From Monday, 20 May 2024 to Friday, 24 May 2024

Dublin (Ireland)


Eva Bru-Domínguez is Assistant Professor at University College Dublin and president of the Anglo-Catalan Society. Her main research interests are the study of corporeality and materiality in contemporary Catalan artistic and performance culture and dance. Sensitive to the historicity and location (and gender) of living and inert matter, she investigates the dislocation of bodies and objects, their affective dimension and how these relate to different natural, built and virtual environments. She is the author of 'Beyond Containment. Corporeality in Mercè Rodoreda's literature' (2013) and was awarded the Premi Fundació Mercè Rodoreda in 2012.


At Faberllull, she will work on a critical analysis of the affective dimension of 'El Paso del Ebro' (2013-15) by Teresa Lanceta, which consists of a collection of tapestries, photographs, diary entries and videos. Her approach is based on Karen Barad's notion of intra-action, a term coined by the American scientist and philosopher to explain the complexity of interactions between living and non-living matter an dthe product that these forces generate, to examine Lanceta's textiles as spaces of encounter - friction, tension and harmony - where history, culture and personal experience are interwoven.

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