Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 3 June 2024 to Monday, 10 June 2024

The Åland Islands (Finland)


Marcus Boman has a Master Degree in music from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and worked as headmaster for the Institute of Music in Åland/Finland for 20 years. At the same time he maintained an intense career as lied-pianist and worked with many singer on an international level. In 2008 he moved to Frankfurt am Main in Germany where he took up his second love in life, photography which studied for four years in private with among others professor Heinz Francke. He has been working as a professional photographer since 2010 with portraits and Fine Art as his speciality. In the later years Fine Art Photography has become increasingly important for him. He has released three books and has exhibited in Åland, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Stockholm, Barcelona, London and New York. His latest series called Axis Mundi was published in December 2023 and received international recognition. His work is supported by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet, Nygréns stiftelse and Ålands Kulturdelegation. In spring 2023 he was supported by the Ramon Llull Institute and the regional government of Catalonia, with a residency in Olot.


At Faberllull he will come with Roberto Maria Mongardini to develope their project 'Unseen stories'. This project emerges from the convergence of two artists who share a profound resonance in their perspectives on art and the natural world. Originating from their encounter at the Faberllull residency in May 2023, the project amalgamates visual and sonic arts in an artistic process to delve into the hidden dialogues of nature imperceptible to human senses. "Unseen Stories" seeks to deepen the exploration of the human-nature connection while highlighting the negligent treatment of the environment. Beginning with an interest in Umwelt spheres, clarifying how other beings communicate beyond human perception, and the implications of quantum mechanics on our subconscious relationship with reality, they encounter transduction processes, through which sensory elements are transformed into sounds and images, unveiling a reality invisible to humans. Together, Boman and Mongardini propose a new exploration of the Fageda d'en Jordà forest in Olot, employing advanced technologies to capture the forest inhabitants from multiple perspectives.

Hardware technologies such as cameras, thermal cameras, PlantWave sensors, LiDAR sensors, ARKit sensors, omnidirectional microphones, Zoom, and software technologies such as Max MSP, Google CoLab, Stable Diffusion, and Photoshop will be used. The equipment is aimed at capturing and interpreting these hidden communications visually, seeking to reconcile contemporary scientific discoveries with our understanding of the world. Through a transductive process involving sound, temperature, coordinates, movements, and spectral analysis, the project aims to create a sequence of images and sounds in a 5-minute projection made frame by frame (10-12 fps).

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