Individual residencies / Olot


From Wednesday, 6 March 2024 to Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Actor, director, script/player, singer & songwriter


Yevhenii Vikhorst (Vik) is an actor, director, script/player, singer & songwriter. He often combines different of these roles in his practice.

He graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University as an actor and as an acting teacher. Since 2011, he is taking part in several theatre plays as an actor. He also performed in different TV shows, music videos and advertisements. In 2014, he began working as a scriptwriter for Ukrainian Television. In 2019, he began to work in his own music, singing and writing it.

In February 2022, Vikhorst started a documentary performative project called Reincar Nation. Last year, he directed a short performance at the Renacimiento Festival in València. This creation is based on statements of Ukrainians about the Russian terrorist attack on Kakhovka Dam, in Ukraine. The event was dedicated to the topic of ecocide and was held at the Polytechnic Institute of Valencia.


At Faberllull, Yevhenii Vikhorst will work on ReincarNation, a documentary performative project consisting of a series of monologues told by Ukrainians during the ongoing Russian invasion. Vikhorst is translating these stories into different languages and he is creating different scripts out of them that will then be performed in different countries with local actors and actresses.

So that, people from different cultures can feel them as if they are not somewhere far away, but right in front of them. “In turn, for us, this is an opportunity to broadcast our messages without intermediaries and build up a mutual empathy with foreign societies”, explains Yevhenii Vikhorst.

The purpose of this project is to deepen the understanding of the context of Ukrainian struggle in the foreign communities and not only to level up the awareness, but also to raise this awareness to the level of shared humanity. Vikhorst is going to use his time at the residence to produce a video version of the performance that he directed in València. Also, he is looking forward to cultural exchange with other residents.

Olot is a wonderful place! Small calm city saturated with culture, history and nature. We had amazing walks in the city, forest and climbings to the volcano.

Hotel we were in was nice and calm. Clean, modernised, with the polite stuff. Especially wanna mention our dinners! Our camarero Emilio was making the whole mood for us and the meals were delicious!

Faberllull met us very warmly! Pepa and Andreu were there for us and provided me with everything needed. We had our own space there with more than enough things needed: a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer, different technical equipment, a shared living room and more.

All of that definitely was an inspiring and pro-productive atmosphere for me. I was able to concentrate and dive into my creative practice. Thank you!

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