Collective residencies / Irene Solà’s Translators Seminar / Olot


From Wednesday, 15 May 2024 to Sunday, 19 May 2024

PhD in society and culture, cultural manager, translator


Kexing published her first Spanish literary translation work "The Oxford Murders" in 2008. From 2009 to 2020, during her master and doctoral studies in Barcelona, her involvement in various types of cultural exchange projects between Spain and China during this period allowed her to navigate between different cultures. Among them, the Lychee International Film Festival was the seed of Chinese-language cinema sown in Spain by her and like-minded friends. "Multiculturalism" eventually became one of the key concepts in her doctoral dissertation.

The publication of "Lost Luggage" in China in 2016 marked her entry into the field of Catalan literary translation, and the "Uncertain Glory" published in 2022 represented a significant yet meaningful challenge for her. Despite many difficulties during the translation process, through text sincerely feeling the fate and emotions of the protagonists became a beautiful and enduring profound experience. Following the translation of "The Art of Wearing a Raincoat" in 2023, she is currently translating two works, “I Gave You Eyes and You Looked towards Darkness” and "The Boy Who Talked to Elephants."

During the pandemic, Kexing shifted to work related to cultural tourism in the Tibetan regions of China, immersing herself in the richness of Tibetan culture. However, this year, she plans to return to Barcelona, continuing her story with this city.

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