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From Wednesday, 6 March 2024 to Thursday, 21 March 2024

El Prat de Llobregat


Enric Rufas (El Prat de Llobregat, 1966) is a screenwriter who won several prizes. His first feature film, Les hores del dia, won the Critics Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2003, and two nominations for the GOYA Awards 2003. With La Soledad, he won three GOYA Awards in 2008. The script Los débiles participated in the Laboratorio de Guión de la Fundación Autor de la SGAE. With La Herida he won a special mention from the jury and the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival and two GOYA awards and a Nomination for Best Original Screenplay. In 2014, he premiered Hermosa Juventud, and in 2016 El sonido de las cosas won the Kommersant Weekend Prize. Costa Rica International Film Festival CRFIC. Later, Mala madre was awarded with an Honorable Mention at the XV SGAE Julio Alejandro Screenplay Award. In 2021, LUCIA, won the Iran Golden Butterfly and Jury Award at the 34th international film festival for children and youth and also it was shown in the Official Selection at the Sottodicciotto Film Festival.


At Faberllull, Rufas will write his new text: Life passes by.

In Barcelona, Ava, Argentinean actor Luís and Luca, playwright and screenwriter, both from the town of Igualada, meet again thirty years later to remember their past and their dreams in Barcelona. How they recreated the novel Rayuela by Julio Cortazar in an environment like the Gothic Quarter, or Poble Nou. Where they lived with intensity and fought to achieve their dreams. After remembering their funny experiences, they all agree on the same thing: happiness is not in achieving your dreams, but in living them with the people you love...

I would describe the Faberllull residency as a creative paradise: the setting, the people around you, the peace and quiet, the time to work on your projects. The fourteen days were a gift that allowed me to advance with my project and reach milestones that would have been impossible otherwise.

I got to write a first draft of a script called “Passa la vida” and finish the final draft of “Els Febles” to start pre-production on this feature film. After finishing the first draft of “Passa la vida”, I had a meeting with the production company in Seville to look at the progress, propose changes and see how to tackle the next draft. Then a meeting in Valencia with another production company to continue moving forward with the project. Thanks to the residency, we’re already starting pre-production on the feature film “Els febles” and a second draft of “Passa la vida” after meeting with the two production companies.

As a screenwriter, I don’t always have enough time for my work. Here there were no distractions and I just had to focus on my work, which meant I got twice as much done. They were fourteen intense days, when I not only got to work on the project I came to do but also focused on others that had been abandoned. So now I have three projects, which are still growing, and it’s thanks to the residency.

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