Collective residencies / Irene Solà’s Translators Seminar / Olot


From Wednesday, 15 May 2024 to Sunday, 19 May 2024

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Adri Boon was born in Amsterdam. He studied Spanisch Linguistics and Literature at the University of Amsterdam with subsidiary subjects Portugese and Catalan. The last years of his studies he spent in Madrid and Lisbon working on his thesis.

After completing his university studies he established for several years his residence in Barcelona and started translating himself working for a wide range of editorial houses. Among others, he translated works of by Galdós, Eça de Queiroz, Josep Pla; by Muñoz Molina, Clarice Lispector, Sánchez Piñol. In 1996 his translation of El quadern gris (by Josep Pla) was awarded with a prize by the Catalan Government. In 2022 the European Literature Prize (for author and translator) has been awarded to his translation of Nocilla-trilogie (by Agustín Fernández Mallo). He also worked as a teacher at the VertalersVakSchool (School for Translators) and at workshops.


He will participate in a meeting of translators who adapt Irene Solà's novel to several different languages.

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