Collective residencies / Creative residency Hivernem / Olot


From Monday, 11 March 2024 to Friday, 15 March 2024

Actor and creator


Lluís Petit is an actor/creator who is attracted to breaking conventional rules of theatre. He does so through direct contact with the audience, non-conventional spaces, humour and a combination of artistic disciplines.

In addition to being a member of the Kamchàtka company, he is also part of Teatre Animal, a theatre company for all audiences.


At Faber, Lluís Petit will be accompanied by Prisca Villa to develop the project El gran format dels anys 20, winner of the Hivernem 2024 programme. The proposal includes a research process on large-format performance and mass displacement, combined with the theme of migrations and their cyclical nature. Through history, activism and technology, their research aims to delve deeper into the historical context of population movement and the methodologies for creating a large-format performance for the public space.

Villa and Petit hope to look deeper at what it means to be part of a migratory movement. So, they will look at the evocative power of images to bring out the history of each place, related to migration in its broadest sense.

The artists ask: “How can we talk about such an intense, highly politicised issue without resorting to propaganda?”

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