Collective residencies / Creative residency Hivernem / Olot


From Monday, 11 March 2024 to Friday, 15 March 2024

Actress and creator


Clàudia Mirambell Adroher (Girona, 1988) first encountered movement and the performing arts at the Celrà school of dance through improv sessions, acting workshops and technique classes. She has a degree in Architecture from EPS (Girona) and WSA (Cardiff), and in Choreography and Acting from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona (Barcelona). She trained in contemporary dance at NSCD (Leeds), and has attended workshops with dancers and creators at festivals and schools around Europe.

Mirambell takes an active role in workshops and artist exchanges, working on various projects related to the stage and writing. She is a member of Eléctrico 28, a group that focuses on urban intervention projects based on everyday experiences and sense of humour. Some of their most noteworthy pieces include [The Frame] and commissions for art spaces, such as Fun place at Caixafòrum, Urbanautes at CCCB, and A part not a Part from a Place at the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka. Eléctrico 28 is currently writing an absurdist book on things that happen on the street.

Highlights from Clàudia Mirambell’s solo work include the site-specific Servei de desubicacions 24h, an anti-tourism route; Nada.dora.toda.dorada, a site-specific adaptation to the Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion; Laberinto, an experimental short film with her hybrid-stage version; SPAM. Only for you, finalist in the Institute of Theatre Awards; Allunatge, maridatge de cuina i moviment, which premiered at El Celler de Can Roca; and FAKE YOU, with pre-premiere at Quinzena Metropolitana.

She is interested in multidisciplinary creations, exploring various formats that encompass the body, space, fine arts and text. Mirambell’s work is inspired by the potential of the absurd and apparently meaningless details, focusing on what is out of context to eradicate perceptive inertia.


At Faberllull, Clàudia Mirambell will be accompanied by Daniela Poch to develop the project Els Llocs, winner of the Hivernem 2024 programme. Els Llocs focuses on the practice of wandering aimlessly around a city, letting decisions, directions and movements be dictated by intuition and chance.

To do so, they propose to research and reflect on places and wandering around them. The members of Eléctrico 28 ask: “What is a place? Why do we conquer places? Can people and places love each other? How can we be part of a place?”

During the four-day residency, they will read authors such as Marc Augé and his ethnographies of places, including gardens, bistros and metros, among others. The goal is to understand which parameters can be used to understand a place in order to then transfer this to a physical experience. The wanderings of Perec and reflections of Rebecca Solnit will serve as inspiration.

The goal is to work with all these concepts to then put them into practice in a new performance project for the Catalan/Austrian company.

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