Collective residencies / Screenplay development lab 2023-2024 II / Olot


From Sunday, 26 May 2024 to Friday, 31 May 2024

Terrassa, Vallès Occidental


He graduated from ESCAC in this specialty. He wrote professionally for the first time in the series MotoGP Unlimited (Prime Video), a documentary about the world of motorcycling. Later, he was selected for Serielizados Kick, the incubator for short-form series in Catalan, with the animation series Muntar un polla, based on the comics he makes on social networks.

Apart from that, he has written for Super3, for Catch me if you can and as a sports journalist.


THE SMOKE, THE MOUNTAIN. Enric, a firefighter from Barcelona, goes to El Pont de Vilomara to help put out the fire that is burning the forest. When he gets there, he begins to hear the forest calling him, deeper and deeper, until he enters a memory of his grandmother.
Many years before, a bocarrot befriends a man. Years later, Enric spends a weekend with his grandmother.

If I have to single out one thing it would be that Faber gives you a perfect space for any stage of creation, whether you need to hole up in your room alone to write or share and discuss your project with other people who are doing residencies at the same time. Being in Olot, far enough away from the tumult of the big city for you to forget about it, helps you concentrate without feeling isolated. So it’s easier to create happily. Beyond that, everyone at Faberllull is very friendly and helpful, which is much appreciated when you’re an artist.

For the Academy of Catalan Cinema Residency, Faberllull has been a point of departure and arrival for the projects we’re writing. The first residency was an opportunity to get to know the other residents and lay the groundwork for the projects. This worked really well, mainly because we were far enough away from the outside world to avoid most external inputs. Then, during the second residency at Faber, we were able to lock down the last bits of the scripts that weren’t quite right and, at this point, it was also a bit like an end-of-school trip.

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