Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 January 2024 to Monday, 29 January 2024

Writer and director


Born in Malaga in 1989. Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Diploma in Dramatic Art, Master's in Art Direction and Master's in Theatrical Creation from the Universidad Carlos III. Since 2018, she has worked on several productions as an adaptor and director. These include La Margarita del Tajo que dio nombre a Santarén (Best New Director at the 9th edition of the Almagro Off International Classical Theatre Festival) and La Infanta y Apolo (selected at the 12th Women's Art Festival, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia). She regularly collaborates with institutions such as the UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), ONCE (Spanish National Organisation for the Blind) and the Cervantes Institute in Prague. Her most notable works include Interior con una mujer sentada junto al hogar, En Armañac. La cultura del "terroir" and Sacar de la casa el hueso del perro. She has recently been selected for the 11th Theatre Arts Programme of the INAEM with Sturm und Drang or La sociedad del espectáculo, which will premiere in 2023.


El Inicio ('The Beginning') is a fictional literary project. It portrays the state of mind of a decadent generation marked by its social class. A chaotic concatenation of story beginnings, fused together by a narrator whose own inventiveness drives her into isolation. The piece is made up of numerous unfinished story beginnings that act as a jigsaw puzzle to form the narrative framework. It is symptomatic of the consumerist impulse that dominates our generation. The story begins with the narrator's attempt to overcome her boredom, but the plot is fragmented into numerous repetitive blocks of unfinished beginnings, which are always interrupted by new beginnings. The play reveals the fragility of the attention span and focus that characterise contemporary human beings. The idea behind it is that, as the narrator presents her visions, it gradually dawns on the reader that reality always turns out to be something very different

My experience at the Faberllull residency in Olot surpassed all my expectations. The hotel is a pleasant place to stay that helps you get into a rigorous work routine and allows you to truly concentrate. Being out in nature really gives your creativity free rein, spurred on by connections with the other residents, with multicultural and multifaceted profiles. The loads of experiences that arose among us, thanks to the activities and gatherings this spot offered us, have been key to my work. My take on the project took on a whole new dimension and I was able to go further, reaching places I wouldn’t have been able to without these circumstances. Also, by developing the workshop I gave, I got to test some of my work and see how certain elements were perceived from a different perspective. Being able to share this whole experience with my fellow residents has allowed us to forge bonds that go beyond the anecdotal and circumstantial. Together we built a lasting fellowship that has unquestionably exceeded my desires.

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