Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 January 2024 to Monday, 29 January 2024

Actress, creator and the artistic director
Lisboa, Portugal


Actress, creator and the artistic director of número cinco. Based in Lisboa, lived and studied theatre in Madrid (RESAD), Paris (École Philipe Gaulier) and New York (SITI COMPANY). As an actress works in theatre, cinema and television. In 2019, she creates the theatre platform número cinco, during the master of Theatre Practices at ArtEZ (Netherlands). After more than 20 years working as an actress, she starts developing her own work, writing, producing and directing her artistic projects. Maria Joao Falcao creates SOB CONVITE (On Invitation) in 2019 and O MESTRE (The Master) in 2021. While working as an actress and keep her theatre training, Maria João Falcao prepares her next project, A ESPERA (On Waiting)


For Faberllul Residency I present an artistic project about the concept of ‘Waiting’. A research on the concept of Waiting and the development of an artistic object influenced by this research.

This project started based on a personal experience, the 15 days I waited for the results of a biopsy. My proposal is to understand 'waiting' as a fundamental human activity. I will question if we drastically reduce the 'waiting' time, something deeply human will be lost. From this research, a scenic text will be created.

The Faberllull residence | Olot is unique today. Residencies that allow artists to create freely are very rare. At Faberllull this is possible.

In Olot it is possible to develop artistic projects in different phases, that is, it can be at the beginning, where all paths are possible, in an intermediate phase, more specialized and specific, or in the final phase of the project, producing an artistic work.

For me this residency was very important because I started a new project. My goal was to start an investigation, choosing a path that will now become increasingly specific and concrete. This was only possible thanks to the freedom of search that I found in this residence.

It is very important to talk about the conditions they offer us in Olot: two weeks in an excellent hotel with a team prepared and available. The food is also very delicious. Contact with other residents has been essential. We are in an environment of artists from different areas (dance, literature, translation, visual arts, cinema), which promotes dialogue and the expansion of our ideas with diverse feedback. The freedom during the day to create and gather at dinner time is essential.

My personal project on Waiting was greatly benefited by this unique opportunity I had in Faberllull.

My wish is that this Residence will always remain like this: generous and 100% dedicated to artistic creation.

Thanks to the entire team and Faberllull for this opportunity.

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