Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 January 2024 to Monday, 29 January 2024

Arts educator


Accomplished arts educator with a decade-long track record of guiding and inspiring students in the realms of visual creativity. With a diverse background encompassing various artistic disciplines, he has seamlessly transitioned between roles as a tattoo artist, graphic designer, musician, and educator, leaving an indelible mark in each field. Professional Experience: Arts Educator (10 years) In his role as an arts educator for grades K-12, Jonathan Narmita has nurtured the artistic growth and development of countless students. His creative teaching methods have consistently fostered a passion for visual arts, enabling students to explore their talents across mediums. Tattoo Artist and Graphic Designer Prior to his career in education, Jonathan showcased his skills as a tattoo artist and graphic designer, exhibiting a mastery of the visual language. Musician Simultaneously, Jonathan has pursued his passion for music, touring extensively with bands across North America. His musical journey has enabled him to cultivate a deep understanding of collaboration, creativity, and the diverse facets of artistic expression. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts Graduate Certificate in Arts Education Skills: Visual Arts Instruction Tattoo Artistry Graphic Design Music Performance and Collaboration Jonathan Narmita's expansive journey as an arts educator, musician, tattoo artist, and graphic designer underscores his commitment to artistic excellence and innovation. His ability to seamlessly traverse between these disciplines is a testament to his versatility and unwavering passion for creative exploration.


Bringing Cubism and graffiti lettering together has always been my dream. The Faberllull residency in Olot presents a transformative opportunity for me to refine my dual identity as an artist and educator.Over the past ten years, I've been dedicated to nurturing young artists as an educator. During a spring residency in Iceland's West Fjords, the concept of interpreting nature through a Cubist lens emerged—a concept I now seek to deepen within the inspiring context of Olot. The past year has been an extraordinary test of balancing teaching and creating amidst a global pandemic. My commitment to my students led me through the crisis, but I made a promise to myself: if I succeeded in guiding my students through, I would rekindle my own creative journey. This decision led me to step away from teaching, creating a space for my long-held artistic aspirations. The Cubism-graffiti-lettering fusion that defines my style is ripe for exploration. Olot's rich artistic environment is the catalyst I need to propel this exploration further. By translating natural surroundings through a Cubist lens, I hope to infuse my work with new depths of meaning and expression. During my West Fjords residency, I found the seed of an idea, and now, I'm ready to nurture it in Olot. Stepping away from teaching, I've embraced a new chapter—devoting myself to my art and allowing this residency to drive its development. As I stand at this juncture of transition, I am poised to delve deeper into the work I've been craving to create. My time in Olot, surrounded by its creative energy, promises to be a pivotal chapter in my artistic journey—a chapter I'm excited to write with passion and purpose.

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