Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 January 2024 to Monday, 29 January 2024

Trans-disciplinary poet, editor and translator


a.Monti is a trans-disciplinary poet, editor and translator currently based between Berlin and Brooklyn. Their projects alternate between publishing, performance, pedagogy, sound and collaboration. Monti pays attention to interspecies entanglement, eros, porosity, lesbian saints & world-making in the wormholes. They give cross-disciplinary writing workshops and have been a (founding) member of several project spaces and art-learning collectives, such as The Steamship (UK) and Komşu Kafe (Turkey). Monti’s work can be found through the ICA London, The Poetry Project, McSweeney’s, ExBerliner, Cuntemporary London and The Offing, amongst others. They are an associate editor with Litmus Press, Brooklyn.


At faberllull I will continue to work on my lyric manuscript, O/0. Here multiple cosmologies meet and create each other connected through wormholes. A wormhole is generally considered a rupture in space and time, a bridge between two remote regions in the universe. The manuscript considers wormholes as a poetic device. The wormholes offer w/holes in the practice of everyday life, suggesting moments of resistance and connection: What else is possible here, when words crack open, here, between the O, the I and the U? Is love not a kink in space?
This manuscript is happening as part of a larger and ongoing multidisciplinary effort, in which I organize generative poetry, performance & sound workshops around the themes of love in contemporary pop culture. In these workshops, I ask: Who taught us what love is, and what did those teachings look like? How did our cultural metaphors surrounding love impact our early understandings of love?

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