Invidual residencies / Olot


From Wednesday, 15 January 2025 to Monday, 29 January 2024

Specialist in gender studies
La Seu d'Urgell


Andrea Colomer was born in 1990, the daughter of a mother from Logronyo and a father from the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Andreu del Palomar who moved to Centelles, in the region of Osona, to form a family of five. While he has dedicated himself to going up and down the entire Catalan territory and beyond (living with the dichotomy between rural and urban with a rucksack on his back), he has studied Literature, Social Education and Gender Studies and has mainly worked in the social field, specializing in awareness-raising, training and the development of projects for the prevention of sexist and patriarchal violence, as well as the development of public policies with a youth perspective.


I am working on a novel in Catalan. I talk about the future of a woman, in contrasting experiences from adolescence, twenties and thirties of a protagonist who also lives with a mental health problem. I consider that the work has room for reflection, but also for error. I try to build the story from a feminist, trans-inclusive and anti-Gordophobic perspective.

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