Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 21 November 2023 to Friday, 1 December 2023

Artistic Researcher
Rotterdam, The netherlands


Neele Schlette is an artist, designer, and visual researcher based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. With an enthusiastic and multifaceted approach, she explores new subjects from various perspectives, showcasing her passion for imaginative projects.

She completed her pre-education in Design and Concept at Sintlucas and furthered her studies in art and design at academy’s in Rotterdam and Utrecht , specializing in Fine Arts focused on "the sympathy of things" at the Institute of Art Maastricht.

Schlette's artistic practice revolves around the interplay between the physicality of everyday objects and places and the intangible phenomena they embody. Through symbolic, factual, subjective, and visual exploration, she weaves together different realities in captivating final works.

Recent projects include investigating how residents perceive their environment for the University of Rotterdam and exploring the emotional significance of a bustling street. As a city artist, she uncovered the historical Storch shoe factory in Kleve, Germany. Schlette has completed residencies in locations such as Culemborg (Lekart), Maastricht (Sphinx Passage), Kleve (Air Glass), Berlin (AIR an der spree), and Iquitos (Jungle Community).


This project delves into the relationship between humans and their physical surroundings. Focused on Olot, a picturesque town, I will spend 1.5 weeks immersing myself in the local environment to explore how people experience and interact with the area. Through conversations with people including hotel guests and residents, I aim to understand their perspectives and experiences of the places they visit and inhabit. By using diverse methods such as photography, sketching, and recordings, I will capture the some of the multifaceted aspects of their relationship with the surroundings. The project will culminate in an (audiovisual) collage and a reflective piece, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own connections to their environment.

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