Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 21 November 2023 to Friday, 1 December 2023

Playwright, writer, translator and teacher of dramatic writing


Albert Tola is a playwright, writer, translator and teacher of dramatic writing. Graduated in Dramaturgy from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, he completed his training at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UDK). Editions) and has premiered or is in the process of premiering in cities and countries such as Barcelona and Madrid, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Morocco, France and Colombia several of the works he has written.


"L'Onada" is a theater text in progress, written by four hands by Eva Hibernia and Albert Tola. It is a work that is based on real events to build a fiction that talks about current poignant issues and, at times, specific to the human condition: generational change, power games, justice, reparation, revenge , social inequality and rancor, memory, passion, trauma and its consequences, desire, training, the chain of favors, pretense and the need for the truth to build sustainable life bases, are the main thematic axes that shake the characters and configure a framework of theatrical tensions.
With a complex structure, it alternates between two times: the present of some characters and the past they investigate and which is elusive and not unique, since it is the time of the event of which there is only one survivor who, apparently, has gone mad as a result of facts

Many thanks to Faberllull: the scholarship has created magnificent conditions for writing the play I had at hand. The mysterious charm of the place, the silence of the hotel, the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms, the walks through the forest, the strength of nature that surrounds the hotel, in addition to not having to worry about breakfast or dinner, they have granted me a state of concentration that is difficult to acquire in everyday life. Because of all this, we were able to achieve with Eva Hibernia our goal of finishing our four-hand play, L’onada (The Wave). Grants and residencies of this style are scarce in Europe and must be claimed as a great asset for artists who, when leaving daily-life noise behind, can concentrate in another state of greater listening, and, in this silence, attend to the works that beat beneath the works they thought they wanted to write. On the other hand, a beautiful group has been created with the other residents, with international links that will undoubtedly be perpetuated over time. The moment of communication in the evenings, in the warmth of excellent cooking and under Emilio’s care, always very affectionate and attentive – thank you, Emilio – was a warm relief to the working day, seclusion and important introspection. Pepa’s care and affection – thank you so much, Pepa –, who really welcomes you and who really cares vocationally about facilitating writing, turns the experience into a gem to be protected and defended.

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