Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 21 November 2023 to Friday, 1 December 2023

Playwright, teacher and stage director


Playwright, teacher and stage director with a solid track record. As a writer, she also cultivates poetry, narrative and essays. Graduated in the specialty of Dramaturgy and Direction at the Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid (RESAD). In addition, he studied for a Doctorate in Humanities at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona directed by the philosopher Eugenio Trías. His work, both in dramaturgy and staging, has been recognized with several awards and accolades. With around thirty plays, his texts and productions have been seen in spaces such as the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, the Teatro Español, La Sala Beckett, La Sala Cuarta Pared and at different national and international festivals and stages (France, Brazil, England, Argentina, Colombia, Greece, Italy).


"L'Onada" is a theater text in progress, written by four hands by Eva Hibernia and Albert Tola. It is a work that is based on real events to build a fiction that talks about current poignant issues and, at times, specific to the human condition: generational change, power games, justice, reparation, revenge , social inequality and rancor, memory, passion, trauma and its consequences, desire, training, the chain of favors, pretense and the need for the truth to build sustainable life bases, are the main thematic axes that shake the characters and configure a framework of theatrical tensions.
With a complex structure, it alternates between two times: the present of some characters and the past they investigate and which is elusive and not unique, since it is the time of the event of which there is only one survivor who, apparently, has gone mad as a result of facts

A few days at the Faberllull in Olot.

I only have words of gratitude for this stay in one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia. The residence has provided me with the silence, energy and concentration that I needed to get involved in such a complex part of our project. Writing with four hands is an important methodological challenge, and facing the end of a play as ambitious as La Onada required a certain amount of care that Faberllull provided.

Moreover, we could not have imagined that the group of residents would be so precise, people from all over the world and from nearby, with such interesting projects and such nice human qualities that we immediately felt like family. A cordial and respectful, playful and intimate atmosphere. From this meeting sincere friendships arise, curiosity for the creation of others, which is already leading to collaborations and creative synergies.

Everything related to the organization has been wonderfully carried out by Pepa Pasamón, who has been kind, friendly, effective and key to establish the quality of the stay. Her work deserves, without a doubt, all the consideration, because it is rare to find someone with this facilitating spirit. The quality of the rooms, the food and the good disposition of the hotel staff are also things to be appreciated.

Finally, I would like to say that, faced with the beauty of these, not only have I had the opportunity to move forward with the project we had in progress, but I have also felt inspired by the beauty of these nature.

Finally, I must say that, faced with the beauty of these forests, not only have I had the opportunity to move forward with the project we had underway, but I have also felt inspired by other writings. So I believe that this residence has been a creative nest and, at the same time, a seedbed for the future.

It is so good that this splendid and necessary initiative, giving writers time for their own creation, will continue as a reference, because this is how culture is made.

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