Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 24 October 2023 to Tuesday, 31 October 2023

Activist for the rights of the Sami indigenous community
Avvil, Inari (Finland)


Ida-Maria Helander (born 1989), she is the daughter of her ancestors and also of the last indigenous people of the European Union, the Sami, who inhabit the Sápmi land, a region that stretches across northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula, in northwest Russia. Since she was 18 years old, she has been actively working to defend the rights of his community, who fight to preserve their land and culture in Finland, a country that is accused of violating the human rights of this population. She is the secretary of the Central Organization of Finnish Sami, a federation of community youth organizations in Northern Finland. It is also an alternative member of the Sami Council, the most important supra-state liaison body, which has representatives from the four countries where there is an indigenous community.

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