Invidual residencies / Olot


From Wednesday, 13 September 2023 to Thursday, 21 September 2023

Naive artist and fashion illustrator


Inna is Ukrainian naive artist and fashion illustrator. Since the beginning of the war she lives in Austria. Worked in residence for artists in Vienna. During her stay at residence Das Weisse Haus, she was working on a paintings dedicated to situation in Ukraine. Series about feelings called “All the pain of Ukraine is drowned in hope and faith.” Actively participates in exhibitions Publicartists Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2022 Exhibition in Sankt Polten, Austria, coming soon Pop up fashion exhibition Austria, Vienna, 2023 Venice Biennale in Musa International, Venice, 2022 Palazzo Velli Expo, We contemporary, Rome, Italy, 2022 NFT exhibition, Costa Rica, USA, 2022 Dorotheum auction exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 2022 City gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2022 Gudzgallery, Marina Denia, Spain, 2022 Boomer gallery, London, 2021 Les Panchyshyn gallery, Kyiv, 2021 Tu es gallery, Lviv, 2021 Kyiv Museum, 2017 She had publications in Elle Ukraine and Woman Magazine, 2022, British magazine Art Up Mi, 2022 Publications in British Vogue, 2018 and Ukrainian Vogue, 2018 Taught basic fashion illustration courses at the Art Faces creative studio in Kyiv and worked in own style, also with brands, magazines, customers, bloggers and galleries.


Human traffic is among significant problems of modern Ukraine and the whole world. This is an important topic and it should be conveyed to people because racism is still visible in the world. This is a result of many people not knowing history and do not understand such basic things. If more people knew the history, this issue would disappear. I am planning to create a series of works on this topic. Also, the topics on which I usually work are self-acceptance, one's uniqueness and shortcomings, and the exploration of sexuality. In addition to my presentation, I am interested in organizing an exhibition that includes performance elements.

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