Invidual residencies / Olot


From Wednesday, 13 September 2023 to Thursday, 21 September 2023


She works with naїve or pure art techniques, paired together with deep philosophical and psychological senses. Her fields of research are finding of inner peace, post-trauma recovery, human inborn kindness, and love as the driving force of Universe. Olena’s paintings-dreams take the observers inside, to the subconscious, to the core. Trying to find the inner self, the observer wanders through the imaginary world, fantastic forests, filled with symbolic images and archetypical symbols, inhabited with mysterious creatures, each of which provides a guide to the final destination – our heart. Her aim is to make people happier. Olena Kayinska participated in 60+ exhibitions, contemporary art festivals and art residencies, and exhibited 5 personal projects. Her paintings are kept in museum funds and private collections in Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, United States, and Turkey.


Saying about shining The world is shining quietly, subtly, calmly. Every being, plant, and thing shines. The shining can be seen in complete silence when the overwhelming number of thoughts flies away from a head and disappears over the horizon. The shining can be heard as a gentle tinkling, as the sound of cell division in a living organism, as the sound of germination of seeds in the ground, as the sound of the blood flow in the vessels, as the sound of silent loving. The shining of a human can be seen as distinctive light in the eyes when a person peacefully and irreversibly accepts as a fact their mortal nature and lives further in peace with this. The shining can be shown through the delicate movement, a word voiced in a special way so that it is heard, a touching, which carries the whole sense of caring. The project is aimed as an intend to make a step out of the war context. The project will consist of 10-12 big format paintings, which will be united by visual-text narrative.

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