Collective residencies / Researching war and theatre in the current scene / Olot


From Monday, 16 October 2023 to Monday, 23 October 2023

PhD Researcher
Montevideo - Uruguay


Cultural manager, artistic producer and performing arts researcher. Theater Designer graduated from EMAD. In 2019 she specialized in Cultural Management at UdelaR, postgraduate from the Faculty of Social Sciences. She holds a Master's degree in Theory and History of Theater from the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences (FHCE) of Uruguay and is pursuing a master's degree in Cultural Policies from UdelaR - CURE. She has worked as an executive producer of various theater shows in Rio de la Plata. She has made distribution tours of national and international shows as a manager and producer of performing arts. In 2020, she won the 1st Prize in the AINCRIT theater essay contest with her essay "Margarita Xirgu from a feminist approach". He has produced and managed numerous performing arts and audiovisual projects with a social, political and human rights perspective. Her lines of research address the mythical figures in the theater of the River Plate from a feminist perspective through oral and documentary stories. Since 2013, he has worked for the public television channel “TV Ciudad”.


The theater has hosted an infinite number of themes related to the different wars of universal history, the dramaturgy of the River Plate has not been an exception, it has embodied everything related to violence, death, and, of course, war, not only focused on theater for adult audiences, but even on theater for children and adolescents. , although little investigated. It is interesting to make visible how the dramaturgies have dealt with these war themes for children and young audiences thinking of them as future spectators of our society and audience trainers. For this analysis, different works by River Plate authors released and unpublished in recent years will be taken as a point of discussion, such as: "Cantata de Pedro y la guerra", by Gabriel Macció Pastorini and Daniel H. Fernández (2019) and "When I finish the war”, by the Uruguayan playwright Leticia Scottini (2022).

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