Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 May 2023 to Sunday, 21 May 2023

Artist, photographer, visual artist, multidisciplinary artist
Paris, Tunisia


Kmar Douagi was born in Tunis in 1996 and developed an early passion for photography, which was further fueled by a traumatic incident. Over time, Kmar's photography practice has evolved and now defines her as an artist. She has a remarkable ability to sensitively capture the physical and spiritual presence of her subjects in raw and intimate images. Kmar's photographs document the daily lives of random humans, with a particular focus on Tunisia's LGBTQ communities. Her work portrays the naked truth of their experiences, highlighting their resilience and humanity. Like the moon, Kmar's personality has two facets, commonly known by its radiant angle overflowing with light, it also hides a deeper and more secret one. A contrast of strength and fragility that defines her well and that we find in her work, her colors and her perception of the world. Between the simple and the complex, the raw and the sophisticated, the raw and the poetic, the peaceful and the anarchic, a mixture of harmonious extremes, this is what she manages to convey through her lens. Kmar’s work is a constant mix between two opposite, this duality is the very wealth of her work.


As my work is mainly autobiographic, and very intimate. I will try to explore my own intimacy and how my most recent breakup has affected me and the way I perceive life. I will work on how to transcribe a trauma or an emotional wound in a work of art so that it heals. I would like this project to be a form of book or fanzine, in paper, something palpable.

My experience at Faber was extraordinary. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this city, by the fact that it is so little known. The light is fantastic, the volcanoes are a great inspiration. Faber was a time of absolute relaxation and creation, I was able to recharge my batteries and just think about my art for a week. Pepa was incredibly kind and helpful. I also met incredible artists from all over the world from whom I was able to learn about different cultures and ways of understanding life. Thank you Faber for giving us such a great time, I am sure I will come back to Olot.

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