Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 15 May 2023 to Sunday, 21 May 2023



Mr Boman hase a Master Degree in Music from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki but he also also studied photography private in Frankfurt am Main for four years. He has been working as a professional photographer since 2010 with portraits as my speciality. In the later years Fine Art Photography has become more important for him. Mr Boman has released three books and have exhibited in Åland, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Stockholm and Barcelona (FotoNostrum). (Honorable Mention in The 18th Pollux Awards 2022). His work is supported by: The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet, Nygréns stiftelse and Ålands Kulturdelegation. For more information please visit his homepage


Last year I have been working on a new project called Winter Lights. The light during Scandinavian winter is very short but also very intense. The sun is very low in the sky and the light therefore reaches deep into the corners. Not just in our houses but also in our minds. The project is culminating in a book that is planned to be released together with an exhibition in December 2023. I want to build an intimate relationship with the audience and therefore the size of book and the pictures are small. During the residence I’m going to finish the project; the pictures needs to be prepared for printing and the final design of the book decided. I will also make the proofing of the files so I can send them directly to the printing house before October the 31st. I’m also going to work on my next project called Unseen Stories. In this project I want to examine different aspects of the world we are living in: what would the world look like if human senses could perceive things that is possible only for other species? (so called Umwelt zones) Catalonian artists are famous for inventing the landscape painting and I want to photograph in your beautiful and powerful surroundings for completing my story. A book is planned to be released in October 2024. A few of the pictures from the series will be exhibited at FotoNostrum in October. Exact dates are not yet decided.

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