Collective residencies / Educational programming and robotics VI / Olot


From Thursday, 4 May 2023 to Thursday, 11 May 2023


As a digital concept artist, he has created award-winning projects and been featured in exhibited and festivals around the globe. As an independent developer, he builds software, web projects, apps, and visualizations. He also worked as a freelance field engineer for custom hard- and software solutions at live broadcasts and occasionally as a lecturer.

He is the lead developer of TurtleStitch, a graphical programming environment, based on Snap!, to create coded embroidery.


We will meet in Faberllull Olot a passionate group of teachers, designers and creators of educational tools from around the world to promote these creative learnings in educational programming and robotics. Many of us already share projects during the year, from distant locations, enjoying the technologies that allow us to work remotely and asynchronously, but the personal and intensive meeting that Faberllull Olot offers us is an invaluable gift.

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