Collective residencies / Screenplay development lab-I-b / Olot


From Monday, 22 May 2023 to Friday, 26 May 2023



With both Catalan and North African roots, she has a degree in Social Education from the University of Vic and is an activist. She tries to have a strong presence on social media, and leads seminars, lectures and writes articles in various media on feminism and anti-racism. Her passion for cinema has led her to become involved, for the last six years, in the Vic Oriental Film Festival. Entre la pedra i el martell is her first feature film script.


I will be working on a project titled Entre la pedra i el martell, together with Àlex Lora Cercós. Entre la pedra i el martell tells the story of Pol Khaled, a boy from Ripoll who is around 20 years old, with a Moroccan father and a Catalan mother, and a complex identity. Set in 2017, the film focuses on specific events that invite us to reflect on the nature of the attacks that took place that same year in Barcelona and Cambrils. Our motivation stems from wanting to make a film that, without passing judgement, prompts the audience to question certain things and thus helps build bridges.

It is a bit contradictory to think that to work, you need to rest, but these are concepts that go hand in hand. The experience at Faber is a break from the whisper of the everyday, from this noise of the city that we have so normalized, it is a break from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life. Faber for me has been the experience of being able to focus on writing and also on the process of reflecting on each word that is left stamped on paper. Being able to enjoy staying in a welcoming space, with professionals who accompany and support part of the script creation process and a good atmosphere in which to develop and flow in writing.

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