Collective residencies / Young Catalan and Palestinian Playwrights / Olot


From Thursday, 13 April 2023 to Thursday, 20 April 2023

Writer and director


Murkus is a Palestinian theatre director and writer based in Haifa. He began his theatrical career after receiving his BA from the University of Haifa Theatre department in 2011. Murkus is a founding member of Khashabi Ensemble and, since 2015, he is the artistic director of The Khashabi Theatre, an Independent Palestinian theatre based in Haifa. His works have been staged in theatres in Brussels, Genk, Gent, Antwerp, Bern, Dublin, Marseilles, Paris, Avignon Festival, Berlin,Hanover, Rome, Tunis and New York He also teaches acting and directing at various academic and arts institutions in Haifa and Europe.


During my stay at Faber, I will be putting the final touches on my new play "An indispensable person". A play that proposes to the audience to witness one night from the life of an amnesiac old man, who did not find another person ready to visit his house except for a male prostitute in the prime of his youth. A play about memory and loneliness. In this new work I am trying to understand is it enough to change the past of a human in order to control his future?

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