Collective residencies / Beyond the Creative City: managing local arts, culture and place / Olot


From Monday, 5 June 2023 to Monday, 12 June 2023

Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy and Education Futures, La Trobe University.
Melbourne, Australia


Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy and Education Futures, La Trobe University. Alexia her background in the sociology of technology to her research interests in socio-technical transformations and digital community. She brings a social lens to questions of how emerging technologies are involved in the processes of social change and a research methods lens to how this can be studied.

Her research focuses on the cultures surrounding digital frontiers, and investigates how their values and practices shape the development, use and social implications of existing and emerging technologies. Alongside questions of socio-technical transformation, she is interested in how social inclusion and context can be embedded into the built environment. Her interest in this question spans across the architectures of AI and machine learning, to crypto-based technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and the Internet of Things.


The digital city as a central built environment is a core concept that I will be working on, across a series of articles. This work will be used to inform the question of how to engage the creative industries in generating future-making interventions for and with city residents that combine place-making practices with active engagement of the incoming reality of immersive futures. It is crucial to locate a digital city in distributed urban geography and through its material and digital layers in order to inclusively situate residents future-making practices within how a city adapts through crises.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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