Collective residencies / Beyond the Creative City: managing local arts, culture and place / Olot


From Monday, 5 June 2023 to Monday, 12 June 2023

Manchester, United Kingdom


Simon Buckley is an artist based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is the originator and creative director of the Not Quite Light project,
mostly working in the half-light of dawn and dusk. He uses photography, film, sound, music and text to explore ideas of transition,
regeneration and heritage, reflecting the interdisciplinary themes of the Beyond the Creative City project, capturing images of ‘left
behind’ urban spaces and regeneration projects.
In 2020 Simon produced ‘Dark Days, Luminous Nights' for the Manchester Collective, a film and photography project exploring the
haunting Irk Valley in Manchester as it begins its transformation from derelict industrial area, to an expensive residential neighbourhood .
This was exhibited at The White Hotel in Salford.
Not Quite light was also an award winning festival based in the city of Salford, examining themes of architecture and urban communities.


The aim of this proposed project is to create a creative visual record of a series of events exploring the potential of proposed policy
models harnessing culture and creativity to promote positive growth, regeneration and pride of place in towns and cities. And so whilst
on the residency images will be captured at sites across Olot and environs to go alongside other events. .
The final film will be used for the dissemination of workshop findings across the ‘Beyond the Creative City’ network as well as during
conferences and workshops hosted at our partner institutions in Melbourne and Toronto. The film will also be made available via the
school and Creative Manchester websites.

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