Collective residencies / Young Catalan and Palestinian Playwrights / Olot


From Thursday, 13 April 2023 to Thursday, 20 April 2023

Playwright and short story
Ramallah (Palestine)


A Palestinian playwright and short story. He works as a freelance writer and trainer in the field of educational drama. He has published two collections of stories: “The Death of the Bread Thief” and “Attempts to survive”. He co-founded the Nabd Theater and worked in Nabd on producing the plays “A Travel destination”, “Hayat”, and “Lost property office”. Two years ago, he founded, with actor and director Khalil Al-Batran, the independent theater group Athar, with which he produced the play “Bridge” and “the Identity of Ghareeb”. Two of his plays won the third place in the Arab competition in the Arab Theater Authority, namely: “Bridge” and “Awaiting”. “Rubble” play was nominated for him. He worked with local theaters and institutions in the field of drama and theatre, including: Ashtar Theater, Al-Qattan Cultural Center, Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Center, and Al-Hara Theatre.


I will build a theatrical text that deliberates the anxiety in relations inside Ramallah. In a small house in the city center, two strangers meet. Lina; who came from Gaza, and Rawi; who came from Haifa. It was like each of them found what was waiting for. The drama of the relationship, its crises and confusion begin. With each attempt to push the relationship forward, time freezes, and Rawi returns to his attempts to push the relationship forward... It is Lina's story through Rawi; her story with her body, with Ramallah and her relationship, but through the perspective of Rawi.

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