Collective residencies / Art in Education turn / Olot


From Monday, 20 March 2023 to Monday, 27 March 2023



He studied fine arts at. State School of Fine Arts Wroclaw, Master of Fine Arts, 1992 and continued studies at Academie voor Beeldende Kunst at Enschede 1996. After graduating he organized: - solo exhibitions, (selected ones) 2020 “Beyond and above” The Biblio Art Gallery Lodz 2019 “Generally speaking” The Cultural Centre Gallery Kuto 2018 “A view from the plane” The “TU” Gallery Lodz 2015 “ A random precission” The Culture and Art Center, Sierpc - participated in group presentation, (selected ones) 2020 “Hello World” Boston, TransCultural Exchange 2019 International Art Exhibition Le Logge Gallery Assisi 2018 International Art Exhibition Le Logge Gallery Assisi 2017 Art Compulsion The Polygone, Montpelier - attended events and took part of artists in residents – 2014 Daugavplis at Mark Rothko centre, 2018 Assisi at Arte Studio Ginestrelle He uses various techniques – oil painting, gouache drawing and mixed techniques. The subject matter of his work is also varied – still lifes, portraits, nudes, landscapes antifigurative compositions. Characteristically , in many of his paintings there is an element that disturbing compositions , which is an expression of opposition against excessive formalization or categorization of art.


During my stay I will paint a series of portraits based on model observation. Presentation and observation of these portraits that artistically represent a wide range of diverse people in which the face and its expression will predominate.

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