Collective residencies / Research based Theatre, Pedagogy, Diversity / Olot


From Monday, 20 March 2023 to Monday, 27 March 2023

Full professor in language and arts education
Paris, France


Joelle Aden is full professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Paris-Est Créteil University. She leads the LANGUENACT research team within IMAGER. Her research is in line with Francisco Varela's enaction paradigm (neuro-phenomenology) and focuses on developing the links between the arts and sciences in education, especially between languages and the performing arts (theater, dance, and cinema). She investigates the notion of "the moving, languaging body" (Lecoq) and explores a transdisciplinary methodology that engages corporeality and emotions in the training of teachers, educators, and artists.
With her team, she is developing a transdisciplinary methodology to address the current global ecological crisis. Doctoral theses under her supervision explore the links between the Arts and Language Education.


I will elaborate an international project of enactive training through the arts and sciences based on the respect for the Living. I will write a call to recruit a multidisciplinary team which will create and facilitate a hybrid professional training, doctoral seminars, and annual meetings. It will bring together phenomenological philosophers, neuroscientists, adult education specialists and artists from several universities. This training will build on the Art'Enact experience conducted since 2019 at the University of Paris-Est. This residency is also an opportunity to write the editorial project of the Art'Enact experiment (an Enactive Approach to Training through the Arts).

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