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From Monday, 20 March 2023 to Monday, 27 March 2023


George Belliveau is Professor of Theatre Education in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada. For the last two decades his scholarship has focused on research-based theatre, where with a team of artists and researchers he has co-developed plays based on funded research projects. His latest co-edited book with G. W. Lea ‘Contact!Unload: Research-based theatre with military veterans’ (2020) explores a project with military veterans, artists and counselors. The play and adaptations of it have been performed over 40 times to audiences across Canada, UK, and Australia. Another recent book project with Lea ‘Research-based Theatre: An Artistic Methodology’ (2016) explores a variety of international projects that use theatre to examine critical social issues. He is a trained actor (Stanislavsky approach & Lecoq), and has participated in over 100 theatre productions as an actor, director, or playwright. He was inducted into the College of the Royal Society of Canada (2017).


As a group of Theatre Educators, a collaborative objective for our week together in Olot is to explore research projects that integrate the aesthetics and artistry of theatre into pedagogical, scholarly, and community-based settings. We will discuss theatre-based projects that address current social issues and how these creative initiatives effectively foster rich dialogue and potential positive changes. With other colleagues I will co-edit a special journal issue that gathers all the voices of the participants from our FABER-Olot residency on the topic of Research-based Theatre.

Rich connections made during Research-based Theatre Group Residency

The 2023 Research-based Theatre Faberllull Group Residency provided a curated and structured opportunity to think deeply about the research methodology with both long-term and new collaborators. The group of 14 participated in daily morning conversations and evening sharings which provided a platform for considering the theoretical underpinnings of the methodology as well as see some emerging examples in action. The group activities and insights were especially helpful in fostering a sense of community and collaboration. The outreach activities and participation from our Catalonian and Spanish colleagues offered rich insights into the local culture, identities, and languages. We come away with our creative wells replenished and nourished by new and renewed friendships.

Here are some reflections about the experience of our participants during our Residency:

"The stay at FABERLLULL has been an enriching experience. It has been fantastic to be able to share formative impulses with experts. During these days it has been possible to think, analyze and project the possibilities of theater in research. I consider that it has been an opportunity to add research commitments, to contemplate improvements in education and to contribute to the development of a more civilized, just and sustainable society.  "

"The FABER residency has been a journey that has had an impact on me, not only professionally, but also personally. It has meant a space of freedom and trust to share, reflect and ask ourselves questions that may not have answers; a space to embrace our own vulnerability. I feel very grateful for having had the privilege of living a collective process that has brought me closer to myself. "

"Faberllull represents a turning point in my life. Why? For meeting in such an intense way with people who spend their time and energy daily on the same things I do (we used different tongues, but we all spoke the same language). For not feeling alone. For learning from people who know more than I do. For daring to be vulnerable. Because thanks to this week I have the feeling of having boarded a boat that will take me to unknown lands. Faberllull: a space and a time, a point of reference from which to begin to understand. "

"The Faber residency offered our group an inspiring setting, quiet workspace, and ample nourishment. The residency was an ideal opportunity to facilitate closer relationships within a community of practice. I personally came away with a sense of renewal and affiliation within this group which is a necessary foundation for ongoing collaboration. "

"The Faberlull Residency gave me designated time to pause, breathe, listen, reflect, and discover in an extraordinary environment of care. I made new connections and friendships which I hope to build forward in the coming months and years. Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity to slow down to see in the beautiful mountains of Catalonia. "

"This residency gave me the opportunity to connect deeply with colleagues from across the world, who use theatre as both a research method and a means of powerful dissemination. The workshops were crafted beautifully to allow each of us to deepen our knowledge and develop our own practice in related fields. Evening sharings gave us insights into the ethos of the work for others and the beautiful surrounds gave us the opportunity for contnuing this development while walking.  I had a chance to refresh my thinking and practice and to develop my own writing and will truly value this unique week for a long time to come. "

"This residency allowed me to discover and discuss research protocols based in the south of the theatre which are different from those we use at home and this has opened up a whole range of possible tools. The practice seminars were very rich. In contrast to our other critical points of view on the practices of some and others, hem pogut complexitzar els nostres enfocaments. In addition, he could provide some of the descobets at the residence during some study days in France. He also spoke with some colleagues and planned projects for interaction between our institutions."

"My week at FABER included time to work on my book and time to talk and think with colleagues about the larger field of Research-based Theatre. The FABER facilities provided us with excellent space to work in and a natural environment to explore and be inspired by. I entered the residency feeling very tired from the day-to-day grind of my work, and I left the residency feeling very full and with a renewed sense of purpose. "

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