Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta II / Palma


From Monday, 7 November 2022 to Sunday, 13 November 2022

Audiovisual technician


Néstor Arranz is a Young Mallorcan director who has always been passionate about cinema. It wasn’t until his university entrance exam that he realised that following his dream was actually possible, and he got a Degree in Direction at CEF. During his internship he was lucky enough to work as an assistant gaffer in several professional projects such as Fúria, by Toni Bestard. He obtained an Erasmus scholarship and lived in Ireland for two months, where he improved his English working at an advertising company. For the last five years he has been a fan of analogical photography, he usually carries around his father’s old camera. He likes all physical media, he is a vinyl and Bluray collector, but please don’t ask him about his opinion on streaming services or domestic markets.


“No és culpa seva” is a short film where we follow Marina, a young woman slightly disappointed with the life she leads. She has a degree in Fine Arts but has ended up working as a shop assistant in a jewellery store in a highly tourist area. After getting the news that her contract at the store won’t be renewed, she decides that bringing a pinch of chaos into the lives of her wealthy clients may be an interesting idea. As she tells herself, “it really isn’t their fault that I hate them so much, but boy, I hate them so much”.

My stay at the CINEMA LLIURE CONNECTA residency has felt very special. It’s been an experience that I had never really thought I would live because the world of artistic residencies, especially the ones devoted to cinema, has always felt very remote to me. But the proximity both in a very literal way (I live in Palma) and a personal way (the treatment I’ve been given has felt very nice and genuine) have turned into an experience I would gladly repeat. I’ve been very lucky with my colleagues, they are phenomenal artists and people, and with the speakers, who have taught me new useful concepts.

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