Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta II / Palma


From Monday, 7 November 2022 to Sunday, 13 November 2022

Cinema student, focusing on direction
Palma de Mallorca


Cinema student from Palma, Mallorca. He has worked in several videos and music videos as both art and costume director. He is currently working on his first short film, which he is directing and writing the script for.


My project is a short film in which I'd like to explain how a young photography student meets one of his role models, an avant-garde photographer who is also a provocateur. He also meets the photographer's daughter and sees the artist's two sides. It is a short film which discusses issues such as mythification, limits to art and the price of transgression. I believe the residency will help me perfect the short film and learn about short films' production and distribution; also, being with professionals and fellow residents will be very nurturing.

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