Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta II / Palma


From Monday, 7 November 2022 to Sunday, 13 November 2022

Audiovisual creator and photographer
Montbrió del Camp and Barcelona


Irene is an Audiovisual Communication graduate, specialising in Documentary Photography. She has coproduced the documentary "Del dol a l'amor" (2019) and is the director of "Per què ens maquillem" (2019), a documentary short film which has received awards at the REC Festival and at the Clic Awards for Young Photojournalists. She has also been the host of L'Alternativa, a radio show with a feminist point of view, and has cooperated with La Conca 5.1 with the section "Sempre hi hem estat!", a selection of photo-essays to raise awareness on projects in the rural sphere which are led by women. In 2020 she joins Malniu Films, an independent audiovisual creation project which she cofounded and with which she directs her first fiction short film, "Avisa quan arribis". After that she cooperates as a cinematographer in the music videos for “I Want To Go Outside” by Saphie Wells and “Blurry Faces” by Alícia Miquel. She has recently worked in the production departament for several full-length films and has received additional training in cinema screenplays.


After spending months thinking about and writing the screenplay for the short film "Sotrac" I am now about to start its production. "Sotrac" is a project that has a professional and personal connection to the story I'd like to tell. That's why I'd like to take the Faber residency and the masterclasses offered in it as an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and the tools to set this process in motion and turn this project into a professional one, because I would like it to be my introduction to the industry.

Accompanying us through creation

Being able to participate in the second edition of Cinema Lliure and Faberllull’s Connecta Residency has been both a crash course and a trigger to take forward the project I had submitted, having acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge on the production and the distribution of an audiovisual project, the main theme for this residency.

The project I worked on throughout the residency is called Sotrac, and it is a fiction short film which intends to depict old age and decadence from a teenager’s point of view. It is worth mentioning that it portrays a story and a set of relationships among the characters which carry both emotional and experiential load, which in turn increases the responsibility of seeing this project through. Given that this project is so personal, before the residency I had been working on it exclusively on my own and very few people had any details about it (most of whom are very close to me). In a way, the Connecta residency was also a litmus test for opening up the project to other people, who provided me with different points of view on the work I had already done. On the other hand, it has also been useful in order to draw up a production plan and better define the short film’s target and where to start applying for funding for the shooting.

In conclusion, my stay at Faberllull not only has provided me with knowledge and has given a big boost to turn the short film project I submitted into a reality. It has also given me the chance to broaden my network of emerging filmmakers in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia. I believe it is essential to build these spaces for exchanging experiences, opinions and creating alliances which are indispensable for us to make our way in an industry where there is such a long road ahead

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