Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta II / Palma


From Monday, 7 November 2022 to Sunday, 13 November 2022

Director, writer and editor
Palma de Mallorca


Marina Rueda is a young director, writer and editor from Palma, Mallorca. Her work focuses on capturing young love from a different, more passionate perspective. Marina has directed music videos for local artists such as "Oh boy" by Licata, "Guerreres Colossals" by Gemma Mar, "ALFARO" by Mejunge and "30 anys" d'Anegats ft. Ombra. She is also about to launch the pilot episode of her comedy miniseries "Lola". She is now writing her first short fil "Los silencios son bonitos", in which she depicts teenagers who are deaf and their biggest problem: the acceptance stage.


During my stay at Faber I will be working on my short film "Los silencios son bonitos". This short film shows how teenagers accept deafness, because in those years they are more prejudiced. Plot summary: Elena, a teenager who has just started wearing hearing aids, has to go through a long denial phase and is bullied because of her deafness, which drags her into full introspection. This changes when she meets Olivia, who will gradually help her heal her past wounds and overcome one of her greatest fears. I've chosen to work on this short film because it is something I myself experienced, starting to wear hearing aids in the height of adolescence. Being able to work in this short film in the residency is a great opportunity to take good care of the project and give it the quality it deserves. Besides, bringing it to the big screen would be a beautiful ending to my denial and acceptance stages of deafness.

A rush of inputs during a creative crisis

Being part of the Cinema Lliure Connecta 2022 residency has provided me with a trove of highly appealing inputs which have helped me overcome the creative crisis I was in before this stay.

The residency consisted of seven amazing days during which I have been able to share with the other residents our cinematic curiosities, our projects and where we have created a solid group for future projects.

What I am most grateful for both to the residents and to the professionals who have made this residency a reality is having had a space where I could write 24/7 and where I have received constructive feedback at every step. I’d also like to point out that staying at a hotel as wonderful as the Saratoga has allowed me to completely relax and devote myself only to writing.

On a more intimate and personal level, the residency has been a magnificent self-help tool in overcoming the mourning period I am in. Being given the opportunity to get away from my daily life has had a really positive effect on me. Also, I have overcome my fear of discussing my personal projects and thanks to the participants in the residency I have higher self-esteem and I am excited to continue sharing my voice with others.

Now that this residency is over, I can say that not only have I a more consolidated project but also I received a rush of tons of creativity and, above all, I have met incredible people who I’d love to cross paths with again.

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