Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 14 November 2022 to Thursday, 24 November 2022

L’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona)


She is a journalist and works at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), from where he reports news from the judicial, police and security fields. Degree in journalism and criminology from the UAB, and postgraduate in Criminal Profiling from the UB; he decided to start a project that combined the two disciplines and since then he has been interviewing, in prison, a man convicted of double homicide, a case that was a pioneering sentence in the Spanish State and which he explains in the true crime book Sense cadàver/Sin Cadáver (Now Books). She is the co-author of two 30Minutes reports, El Cos del Delicte and Les Arrels del Narcotràfic.


The narco boats loaded with around three tons of hashish are once again arriving on the beaches of Catalonia, coming directly from Morocco. It is a drug route that was very active until the mid-2000s. The police pressure being put on the Strait of Gibraltar has led drug traffickers to explore new drug entry routes and have reactivated the route to the Catalan coast. This illegal business comes together at a time when Catalonia is the market that provides the most marijuana in Europe. There is a connecting link: organized crime that controls the flows of the drug business. The project is based on interviews to provide a picture of the situation - both in Catalonia and in the south of Spain - and the consequences, such as the corruption of police and other officials.

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