Invidual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 21 November 2022 to Saturday, 26 November 2022



Lara Gobec is a Slovenian poet, essayist and performance artist. Her poems have been published in literary magazines Spirala, Nebulae and on the webpage LUD Literatura, where she currently writes a monthly column. Her poetry has been translated into Serbian and published in Rukopisi. In 2020 she won the national prize Župančičeva frulica that is given to highschool poets. In 2016 she was a part of a theatre performance Sanjati? (director: Žiga Divjak) that was put on stage in Slovenian National Theatre, where her text was a part of a reading performance Intima in 2019 (director: Luka Marcen). She also works at poetry festival Izrekanja in her hometown Celje, where she performed her first solo performance With <3, Lola. Besides her writing, she studies law, where she is most interested in the refugee crisis. With a fellow student Rok Šarić she has written an article about the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive (published in Pamfil).


At the residency I will be writing experimental prose, on how the environment in Slovenia shaped my youth, how modern loneliness is built into a post-Yugoslavia environment. How the experience of other cultures and travelling made me who I am and shaped my understanding of looking for light and meaning. There is a specific kind of caleidoscope a writer uses to discover the world, I shall put it to good use with sparks of my own restlessness, tender heart and an intellect never satisfied trying to understand the world order and this classist society.

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