Collective residencies / Polluting Drama / Olot


From Monday, 14 November 2022 to Sunday, 20 November 2022

Actor, director and dramatist


He has starred in feature films such as LO QUE QUEDA by Lucas Parnes and Jesús Serna (Best Feature Film, 5th FELACOS, Santiago, Chile; Best Feature Film, 5th DEA ​​Film Festival, Saranda, Albania and Best Screenplay and nomination as Best Actor, 1st FestCine Pedra Blue, Sundays Martins, Brazil), POST MORTEM by Patrick Chiuzzi, INTERFERENCES by Pablo Zareceansky (Special Jury Prize, 9th Cimameriche Film Festival), INERTS by Eusebio Pastarna (Best Spanish Director, Best Spanish Play and Best Actress LesGaiCineMad) or THE FIESTA DE ADÁN (Santiago Lapeira) and plays such as EL PALMERAL by Albert Tola (Teatre Akademia, Barcelona and Sala BBK, Bilbao), LOS NIÑOS OSCUROS DE MORELIA by Albert Tola (Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona, ​​Teatre Lagrada and Umbral de Primavera, Madrid, and Festival Matarranya Íntim, Teruel), THE ODYSSEY by Roland Schimmelpfennig (Nau 10, Naves Matadero, Madrid), MANTEQUILLA by Carlos Zamarriego (Teatre Echegaray, Málaga, Sala Mirador and Teatre Of Llatina de Madrid), NIÑO FÓSIL by Albert Tola (Atic 22, Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona; Teatre Lagrada, La Mínima Espai Escénic and Teatre Labruc, Madrid), RÓMULO EL MAGNÍFICO by Pedro Muñoz and Luisant Rodriguez (Teatre Quevedo, Madrid) or COCINANDO CON ELISA by Lucía Laragione (Teatre Modern, Barcelona).

He has also directed plays such as EL PALMERAL by Albert Tola (Teatre Akademia, Barcelona and Sala BBK, Bilbao), EL TERCER ROSTRO (DAU al sec, Barcelona), RED FIGURE IN GRAY INTERIOR (DAU al sec, Barcelona), LAGUNA MEMORIA (Teatre Tantarantana/*Iberescena, Barcelona), DE NOCHE TODAS LAS PIELES SON AZULES (Teatre Tantarantana/Festival Internacional Grec, Barcelona), ENOLA Y DAFNE (Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona). ZELESTA (Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona), VINO LUNAR by Albert Tola (Teatre Nou Nord, Madrid, Teatre el Magatzem, Tarragona and Átic22, Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona), EL MALEFICIO DE LA MARIPOSA by Federico García Lorca (Foundation 26 December, Festival of Social Theater with Experiences in La Mínima Espai Escénic, Madrid, and special mention in the VI Contest of Theater Majors on Stage of the City Council of Madrid in the CC Fernando Lázaro Carreter), EN LA LUNA by Alfredo Sanzol (Espai Devoradores, Madrid), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by William Shakespeare (La Mínima Espai éscení, Madrid), LA PAZ PERPETUA by Juan Mayorga (Teatre Nou Nord, Madrid) or FUSO NEGRO by Eva Hibernia (La Mínima Espai escéní , Madrid).

As a teacher and stage director, he has collaborated for five years with the Devoradors school, MENUDO CUADRO, the theater company of the 26 de December Foundation or the El Umbral de Primavera theater in Madrid and in the Tantarantana Teatre, El Festival Grec, Espai Philae or Aules in Barcelona.

He founded the NIGREDO theater company in 2012 with playwright Albert Tola and is currently part of the former Rivas Cherif Laboratory of the National Drama Center, now Professionals of Drama.


My desire is to co-direct the project by providing various materials and dynamics in order to accompany the authors towards the play under the play they think they want to write.

Sharing the methodology that Albert Tola and I have been enjoying for ten years in our theater company Nigredo. A work discipline born in a specific parallel path along the way during the creative processes of the author and the actor.

We will propose various starting points, such as the confluence of the three great monotheistic religions and the various cultures in areas such as alchemy, theology and science (symbolically so well represented by the figure of Ramon Llull and the institution we are working in) or colonialism and postcolonialism, sea voyages for all kinds of reasons (social, political, emotional, mythical, etc.). These are themes that can possibly emerge under the umbrella of a common dramaturgical trigger that we propose: to write what cannot be said from my specific shore of the Mediterranean Sea..

We will thus pursue the creation of a dramatic constellation: the writing of theatrical pieces (short or not) that mirror each other. An author from each of these latitudes will meet with the others to jointly investigate dramaturgical spaces, contaminating writings and historical and contemporary themes seen in a polyhedron from the different coasts of the sea that unites us, Spanish people and the people from the rest of the mediterranean countries..

Throughout the residency we will apply a polluting methodology in order to obtain four Mediterranean poems that will be edited as theatrical works in a specialized publication.

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