Collective residencies


From Sunday, 2 October 2022 to Sunday, 9 October 2022

Barcelona and Castellterçol


Clara Nubiola (Barcelona, 1976) focuses her interest in the territory. From art practice, she develops projects from which it can address the environment we live with a critical and subjective look. The urban, the rural, the borderline, the peripherals, cities and people... Since 2011 he has developed projects, actions, exhibitions, participatory processes and various formations in different cities and municipalities (Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Olot, Granada, Seville, etc.). In his projects he claims the practice of simplicity and what is close to him with facilities and proposals made specifically for the geographical framework in which he works and with austere tools such as walking, ink and paper. He prefers to approach the landscape from direct questioning, from open doubt.


A deep-rooted fashion, a textile territory, an artistic landscape, a common environment, a way of doing things... Since 2014, the clothing brand Infinit Denim has defended another way of doing fashion, creating collections based on upcycling, industrial recycling and a circular and local business model. They produce here, they sew here, they work here. Since 2011 I, Clara Nubiola, have been carrying out artistic projects that, with our eyes fixed on the territory, challenge us and question us about how we live and what is our relationship with the landscape. Now, with Infinit Denim we share the illusion of creating a collection, an exhibition, a textile-artistic collaboration where landscape and sustainability, territory and citizenship, involvement and creativity are our joint commitment. At FaberOlot we want to share all ideas, we want to write and propose, design and share and keep threading the many needles that need to be threaded...

Notícies, articles i activitats

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