Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 17 October 2022 to Monday, 24 October 2022

Dramaturge. Theater director. Creative writing workshop teacher


María Elena Nemi is a playwright, theater director, literature teacher, drama teacher and writing coach based in Tandil, Argentina. She worked as a literature teacher in secondary schools. She was also educator of The Spectator's School of Tandil. She created the workshops Dame Letra, oriented to the sensitive and sensory exploration of literary writing, and Álbum de Familia, related to autofiction and family history. Her theatrical writing is a Poeturgy. That is to say, a hybridization of dramaturgical and lyrical operations; poetic language embodied in the scenic expression. Her plays MORDISCO, SAL DE AMOR, JUANAS, MAGNOLIAS and DESVISTIENDO SILENCIOS show the feminine intimate space from the sensory-poetic language, the metaphor and the ritual.
As a researcher, she has made publications on her own poetic dramaturgy and collaborated on research projects at the Facultad de Arte, UNICEN.
She is currently writing the Master's Thesis in Art and Society in Latin America.


"Landscape Theatricalities: Murmur of volcanoes".
During my stay I will explore the writings of landscapes in search of their theatricality, tracing ties from my sensitive and sensory experience uniting three geographies:
1- The mountains of my hometown Tandil, a stone that has been beating for 2.2 billion years.
2- The Cordillera de los Andes: my three-day experience traveling a hundred kilometer circuit between the Villarrica, Quetrupillán (Chile) and Lanín (Argentina) volcanoes.
3-The Garrotxa's Volcanic Area: inhabiting its volcanic landscapes, walking paths, smelling its vegetation, embracing its textures, letting myself be guided by its natural sound.

Blessed by the nature that embraces me with the secret strength of the volcano, I try some words that try to translate this wonderful experience.

I arrived in Olot and Faber guided by chance, pursuing a writing project that was just beginning.

I found a landscape inhabited by poetry, what more could I ask for? But there was more. There was a serene space to exercise concentration, a precise time to work in harmony, a creative exchange with other residents without the language difference being a limitation. Art is in itself our common language.

Special mention to Pepa and Gavina for their kindness, dedication and constant smile. And to Emilio for the kindness with which he received us every night at dinner time.

Grateful and amazed I celebrate this meeting.

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