Collective residencies / Volcanology / Olot


From Monday, 17 October 2022 to Monday, 24 October 2022

Head of Geophysics (Instituto Geográfico Nacional)
Madrid, Espanya


Carmen López Moreno, Geographic Engineer for the Spanish National Government, actually working at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN). Degree in Physics, PhD in Earth Sciences (Barcelona University). Head of the Spanish Surveillance and Alert Network for volcanic hazards, member of the Canary and National Scientific Committees of Civil Protection. Responsible for the earthquake-volcano response of the 2011 El Hierro and 2021 La Palma eruptions.Participation in the Canarian Civil Protection Scientific Committee and the Scientific Committee of the State Plan of Civil Protection and Emergency Government of Spain. In 2022, she is appointed Deputy Director with responsibility in the coordinating of the seismic, tsunami and volvanic risks response.
Her fields of expertise include the analysis of seismo-volcanic activity and the study of the stress field volcano dynamics. During the last years, her research has been devoted to the study of the different stages of the eruptive process, in particular the precursory signals recorded during volcanic unrest. Author of more than 25 papers in international scientific journals during the last 10 years. She has participated in several European and National Proyects covering from the study of the dynamics of active volcanic systems to the hazars assesment and the associated risk management. Currently interested in the application of new methods to the study of the irreversible process of fracturing and magma ascent to the Earth’s surface.


During my stay in Olot I will attend all the sessions on volcanic surveillance techniques.

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