Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 10 October 2022 to Monday, 17 October 2022

Pianist and Composer


Aleksandra Tonelli is an argentinian pianist, composer and arranger based in the Netherlands. With an international career as a tango pianist, she performed in numerous theatres and festivals in the UK, Europe and Latin America. Aleksandra is also music professor in classical piano and artistic research, and master of music in piano tango and jazz composition. She received several national and international recognitions in the Netherlands, the UK, and Argentina. She is currently bandleader of Quinteto Irreal and The Aleksandra Tonelli Band, with whom she performs her own music. She also works as a freelance pianist, composer and arranger.


I am going to compose a new music piece for my interdisciplinary project "SmartMusic! An Audiovisual Adventure", which aims to provide a concert-wise narrative audiovisual experience. Longer than a song and shorter than a film, this new artistic device aims for new types of art-consuming and artist-public relationship. This audiovisual piece of art can be considered a short-film, being the music composed in such a narrative way that can be translated into an animated video design to tell us a story. My aim is to compose the music for the fourth piece of this project.

At Faberllull I had the opportunity to work in wonderful places to compose my music and finally hold a concert and share with the community. I feel very grateful for this experience and exchange with this beautiful and inspiring place. Thank you Faberllulll, I highly recommend this place!

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