Collective residencies


From Monday, 24 October 2022 to Sunday, 30 October 2022

Independent researcher . Training coordinator
Senegal, Italy


He was born in Civitavecchia and is currently living in Senegal. Initially a painter and sculptor, he later devoted to the art of puppetry, particularly table puppetry and muppets. He participated in several projects with puppets and theater scenery.

He is co-founder of Djarama association, financial director, puppeteer and responsible for construction in the association's two sites : Djarama Ndayann and Djarama Dialow.

He is designer and implementer of all the building, he used different techniques, including earthbags (an ecological technique involving the reuse of used materials such as car tires and earth compressed into rice bags).

In fact, the two sites use alternative energy that makes them self-sufficient, practice agroecology and low-impact construction: a philosophy of life that seeks to preserve our planet. The most important constructions include a 150-person theater, two schools,various housing and spaces with various uses


I will join the managers’ meeting for the monitoring and evaluation of the project “La langue des oiseaux” from a technical point of view. We will examine how the activities are going on, how partners are cooperating in the realisation of the activities and the results.

I am also part of a group of experts and trainees in performing arts that participated in local and international workshops realised during the project “La langue des oiseaux”. The project promotes the performing arts as an inclusive multilingual platform for a society renewed by the entry and growth of new citizens with different profiles, experiences and dimensions, all actively engaged in paths towards the democratisation of culture. During the residence, we will discuss the experience of the artistic workshops realised so far, the usefulness and appropriateness of the methodology used, the difficulties found and the possible solutions. From the conclusion of this reflection, we will elaborate the roadmap for the rest of the project.

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