Collective residencies / La langue des oiseux: Migration, Diversity and Arts in Europe. / Olot


From Monday, 24 October 2022 to Sunday, 30 October 2022

Cuadro de textoAmbassador trainee for boat people projekt and Master student in Geography
Göttingen- Nicaragua


She comes from Nicaragua. She is studying for a Master's degree in Geography at the Georg-August University in Göttingen. Art and culture are part of her life and she loves to play theatre since she was young. I have participated in two longer and two shorter projects with Boat People Projekt, and I am currently participating in the Birds project initiated by la langue des oiseaux. She especially likes the intercultural exchange through the transnational work.


I am part of a group of experts and trainees in performing arts that participated in local and international workshops realised during the project “La langue des oiseaux”. The project promotes the performing arts as an inclusive multilingual platform for a society renewed by the entry and growth of new citizens with different profiles, experiences and dimensions, all actively engaged in paths towards the democratisation of culture. During the residence, we will discuss the experience of the artistic workshops realised so far, the usefulness and appropriateness of the methodology used, the difficulties found and the possible solutions. From the conclusion of this reflection, we will elaborate the roadmap for the rest of the project.

Certainly, an unforgettable experience. This meeting was held this time in Olot thanks to the space provided by Faberllull, within the framework of the project "La langue des Oiseux: Migration, Diversity and Arts in Europe. The facilities proved very useful for the development of the teamwork, not only because of the adequate space provided, but also because of the good quality of the technical facilities that let us to connect online with another part of the team and to present part of the results of the project. It was a complete experience because we also had the opportunity to enjoy as a team and to meet another social project and exchange with them. Faberllull has given us very pleasant conditions, including a team that treated us with kindness and prepared everything necessary to make the best of this meeting. For example, we managed to visit the association Núria social, where we shared with the whole team and enjoyed a beautiful concert. We also had a small and beautiful excursion to enjoy nature to a nearby volcano. The Faberllull Residency in Olot is a harmonious place because of its good atmosphere, both, internally, thanks to its team, as well as externally, because of the nature. For example, in my case, I had the opportunity to participate and record a documentary, which is one of the results of the project, with part of the team of "La langue des Oiseux", and the place has inspired me a lot letting the creativity flow in a unique way.

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