Collective residencies


From Wednesday, 2 November 2022 to Friday, 11 November 2022



Fifteen years of experience in International Development Cooperation from different perspectives (NGOs, consultancy and academic) with field experience in a dozen Latin American countries.

Since 2016 she has been working at Las Naves (, the Centre for Social and Urban Innovation of the Valencia City Council, where until 2019 she assumed technical coordination functions. Since 2021 she has been coordinating the Citizen Innovation Programme. In this context, a citizen laboratory (Ciutalab) has been set up, understood as a space where citizens can come together to think about the challenges facing the city, and to collaboratively seek innovative solutions to address them.

It is one of the promoters of the ColaboratorioIC (, a community to support and facilitate the articulation of the Citizen Innovation ecosystem to tackle together the complex challenges we face as a society.


The city of Valencia has chosen its first innovation mission ( to make Valencia a climate neutral city by 2030, in the context of the European mission of 100 climate neutral cities by 2030.

Ciutalab, the citizen laboratory promoted by Las Naves, is called to be a key instrument for the involvement of citizens in this climate mission.

I would like to systematise the CIutalab experience and reflect on strategies to include people and groups traditionally excluded from citizen involvement processes in this space.

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