Collective residencies / Citizen labs, landscape and sustainability / Olot


From Monday, 7 November 2022 to Friday, 11 November 2022

Founder at Pandorahub. Social Entrepreneur & Rural Shaker.
Barcelona; Tivissa (Tarragona)


Impact-driven entrepreneur for +18 years. Daughter of a displaced rural family of farmers (Mequinenza). At Pandorahub (+7 years of Pandorahub ), she is inspiring disruptive gLocal entrepreneurs, change-makers, and startups to stay, live, thrive, and work in rural areas. Co-creator and director of impact-driven specialized accelerations as a lever for rural reactivation and repopulation such as; and Her vision of the rural tech Renaissance at TedEx How Can Technology Take Us Back to the Past 10+ years as a social innovation catalyzer for large corporations and international NGOs. The last 7+ years designing, she's ben organizing and facilitating business acceleration and incubation programs, decentralized technologies hackathons and professional transition programs for Pandorahub and other talent empowerment public and private entities such as Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona Activa (Barcelona City Council), Chebec Interreg Europe Entrepreneurship Program, Menorca Millennials, EOI's Coworking Incubator (School of Industrial Organization) in La Palma Canary Island. Mentor and facilitator people-centric business model design, Lean Startup, Pentagrowth and UX Strategy. Previously co-founded DJs Against Hunger (DJs Contra la Fam), an electronic music festival and technology-based artistic course program addressed to disadvantaged communities in Barcelona. Co-creator of Pallapupas "Un dia de Nassos), social Innovation consultant for Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona, Education Without Frontiers and Josep Carreras Foundation Against Leukemia.


The first 4 days (from 2 to 6 November) of my residence in Faber I will be organizing and finalizing the contents and details of the training for Civichub Sprint 4 on Open Government and Citizen Participation that will take place in Olot on Nov. 4, 5 and And in the last 5 days (November 7-11), I will be designing the economy of tokens and value dynamics of a new regenerative cryptocurrency startup aimed at offering a competitive alternative to the massive development of wind and solar parks. is a SolarPunk platform from Regenerative Finance (ReFi) that accelerates the regeneration of dry land through complementary sources of income (layers of value) embedded in each m2 of land to be regenerated, thanks to a combination of smart agroecology, Agri PhotoVoltaic (APV) solar power generation, carbon credit emission and ReFi economy on Metaverse. In Faber I will conceptualizing how the real increase of value of land before and after regeneration is accounted and how profit is redistributed among stakeholders, defining the rules by which each m2 of land to be regenerated issues a digital twin in the Metavers applying Energy Efficient Decentralized Technologies, IoT and GIS sensors for the verification of each m2 digitialized avoiding double counting, defining the rules by which the various digital sources of abundance become value layers for a defining a native asset-backed ReFi token, integrating the rules of gamification and the real state offer-demand liquidity dynamics in the Metaverse to increase the value of each m2 regenerated, as well as defining as anticipating the ROI of the land regeneration from the 3rd month thanks to income from APV. Finally, I will be defining an aesthetics briefing for the Hexa Metaverse for our RV partners, taking SolarPunk not only as a source of inspiration for the incorporation of increasingly cleaner regenerative hardware and software technologies over time,but also to recreate a Solarpunk landscape in the Metaverse.

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