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From Wednesday, 2 November 2022 to Sunday, 6 November 2022

Educator, economist, musician.


Born in Sabadell in 1982, trained as an economist and member of the Seminario de Economía Crítica Taifa, he has been a music producer and MC by vocation, in the band At Versaris. Ten years ago he started rap and rhyme workshops in schools, the success of which led him in 2017 to set up the educational cooperative Versembrant. Today the collective is a regular presence in hundreds of schools across the country, and has had an impact on hundreds of class groups. Five years ago he started an in-depth research that has led him to connect cultural-historical psychology and post-Vigostkian pedagogy with rap. In 2020 he published "Rap in the classroom. Learning from a revolution in progress".


This year I am working on a project on "Digitalisation of music education", which aims to find out how to introduce technological tools such as DAWs into the classroom. In the process of creating training tools for teachers in Sonic Pi (a code-based music creation and performance tool) I have discovered the enormous artistic (and not only educational) potential of this software.

Therefore, I am conducting research in the thematic area of generative music with the aim of creating the first generative sampler and sequencer for rap music instrumentals - and also songs. The algorithm resulting from the research process will return, given any musical sample (sample, in music production jargon), as many instrumentals (beats) as the user wants. As a spin-off of the project, I will present the first infinite album of rap music in web format: the user will be able to escort and download as many songs as he/she wants, all different, from a finite set of vocal recordings.

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