Collective residencies / Citizen labs, landscape and sustainability / Olot


From Wednesday, 2 November 2022 to Friday, 4 November 2022

Civil servant, now working in social innovation at LAAAB


Graduate in Political Science and Administration, University of Santiago de Compostela University, with postgraduate studies in social research and quality in public administrations. Technician Senior in the administration of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, socio-political scale, in which he has held positions such as foresight technicianat the Agency for University Quality and Prospective Studies of Aragon, head of the university Service and currently Head of the Citizen Participation and Social Innovation at LAAAB, Aragon Open Government Laboratory. Open Government. Trainer for various institutions such as the institutes of national and Aragonese public administration institutes, the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies and the University of Zaragoza. He coordinates the sub-community of sub-community of practice in innovation laboratories promoted by the General Directorate of Public Public Governance of the General State Administration.


As part of the project "Citizen Laboratories, landscape and sustainability" project, I can contribute my experience in the management of the Laboratory of Aragón Open Government Laboratory (LAAAB) and present the methodology of the Hexagon of Public Innovation, which summarises six vectors that facilitate the transition of organisations towards innovation ecosystems:
- Open
- Trans (mix)
- Co (connect)
- Fast (streamline)
- Proto (experiment)
- Tec (digitise)

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