Collective residencies / Citizen labs, landscape and sustainability / Olot


From Wednesday, 2 November 2022 to Friday, 11 November 2022

Director ad hoc cultura
Port de la Selva, Girona


He has got a degree in History from the University of Girona and a Master in Cultural Management and Communication from the University of Barcelona. He achieved a specialization degree in Social Responsability (“Observatorio RSC”). His professional career develops between private enterprises and the cultural management, which he got more that fifteen years of experience. Refering to cultural management, he had been involved in projects of corporate social returned, sponsorship and development of projects of strategy, innovation and positioning of cultural entities.

Collaborator teacher in the Master's University in Cultural Management(“interuniversitari: UOC, UdG). In 2019, he motivated “espai aracultura”, a cultural platform to face covid consequences.


I would like to create and develop a toolkit of innovation and social enterprising through different tools and methodologies. These elements would help to create templates for people and institutions that want to start processes of social innovation, and be able to achieve the way of a prototype and the starting development of projects.

Learning, sharing, connecting, understanding and discovering. Inspiration, work, collaboration, creativity and FRIENDSHIP. If I were to post a Tweet about my nine days at Faberllull, these would surely be the hashtags that I would choose. I embarked on this experience, which I could now label as a performative one, on Sunday 2 November, thinking that it would be a few days of "just writing" and working on the proposal that I had submitted before the summer. However, the Faberllul Citizen labs, landscape and sustainability has proven to be packed with activity and action.

According to the website, our stay was going to consist of "(...) A group of experts in citizen laboratories and new methodologies of social intervention coming together at Faberllull to co-create and discuss solutions to the global challenges that affect us at a local level". And while we may not have reached any definitive solution (in my opinion, there is no single solution to such a challenge), we were able to actively participate in the event Llocs (Places), which involved a reassessment of the places in which we live, and in the Jornades de govern obert, participació vilatana i resiliència territorial (Open government, local participation and territorial resilience conferences), as well as in workshops and a long list of other activities. Moreover, it has brought many of us together, allowing us to learn from one another, forge alliances and create projects as a team, which will surely have an impact on Olot and the surrounding area. I believe that these two factors are the first step on a long road that has to be taken together, a road that will allow us to foster a sense of community, give value to people and come up with new solutions.

Faberllull offers a magnificent opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Its technical team has been very supportive and welcoming. It is the ideal place to create a revolutionary collective that, under the high-impact name of The Papades Lab's, promotes and publicises citizen laboratories and their methodology to work together to build a more sustainable and, above all, a more people-friendly society.

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